Forest, Wildlife & Environment Department Government of Gilgit-Baltistan

Fauna of Gilgit-Baltistan

The Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan are rich in flora and fauna because of varied climatic conditions and ecosystems. In spite of unscientific management and ruthless hunting, wildlife in the Gilgit Baltistan still supports rare and endangered species of mammals and birds like Marco Polo sheep, blue sheep, markhor, black bear, brown bear, chakor and ram chakor.

Fauna of Gilgit Baltistan

Total number of mammals found in Gilgit Baltistan is fifty four (54). They include 1 shrew, 10 bats, 18 carnivores, 6 artiodactyls, 3 lagomorphs, and 16 rodents. There is only one species of mammals, which is endemic to Gilgit Baltistan i.e. Woolly flying squirrel, while Astore Markhor can be considered near endemic, as its distribution is restricted to a few valleys. Several large mammal species are found in Gilgit Baltistan are either threatened or endangered. These includes Snow leopard, Marco polo sheep, Himalayan brown bear, Black bear, Musk deer, Blue sheep, Ladakh urial etc.