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Quramber National Park

About Quramber National Park

The Qurumbar valley (36°45’N, 74°45’E) is situated in the extreme north-western reaches of Gilgit Baltistan falls in the western Tibetan Plateau, Alpine Steppe Eco region of Pakistan. It was established in 2011and covers an area 73800hectares

Map of Quramber National Park , Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Dominant Wildlife and Biodiversity

The Park is the part of conservation and of Protection the wildlife, Glaciers and watershed areas. It is the home to Alpine meadows, Alpine scrub zone, Sub alpine scrub zone coupled with a variety of fauna and flora that includes, Snow leopard, Indian grey wolf. Himalayan lynx, Himalayan brown bear Palla’s cat, , birds including Booted Eagle, Eurasian Sparrow Hawk, Golden eagle, Himalayan Griffon vulture, snow cock and Northern Hobby while Dominant Flora includes Juniper, Blue pine, Birch, Willow, Artemisia.

Dominant Fauna


Indian grey wolf
Himalayan ibex
Himalayan lynx
Himalayan Brown Bear
Snow Leopard
Stone Martin
Pallas’s cat
Cape Hare


Booted Eagle
Eurasian Sparrow Hawk
Golden eagle
Himalayan Griffon vulture
Bearded Vulture
Common Kestrel
Peregrine falcon
Chukar partridge
Snow cock
Northern Hobby

Dominant Flora


Blue pine
Wild rose

Vegetation Zones

Alpine meadows
Alpine scrub zone
Sub alpine scrub zone.

Major Landmarks / Peaks / Lakes

Qurumbar lake

Kurumbar glacier

Chilinji pass

Broghil pass

Borth forest

Dev jerab forest

Potential Activities for tourists/visitors

Hiking and trekking

Wildlife sighting


Landscape Photography