Forest, Wildlife & Environment Department Government of Gilgit-Baltistan

Ten Billion Trees Tsunami Programme (TBTTP)

Ten Billion Trees Tsunami Programme – Phase-I Up-scaling of Green Pakistan Programme (Revised) is a public sector development programme.


The “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, Phase-I” GB component is a four-year (2019-2023) project by Government of Pakistan with the total cost of 8032 Million. The project is being implemented across Gilgit Baltistan by the Department of forest, parks, wildlife& Environment.The Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated this Programme on 2nd September 2018 during “Plant for Pakistan Day”.


The overall objective of “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme” is to revive Forest and Wildlife resources in Pakistan, to improve the overall conservation of the existing Protected Areas; encourage eco-tourism, community engagement and job creation through the conservation.

Achievement and Progress:

A total of 170 million plants will be planted throughout Gilgit Baltistan. Total PSDP amount for forest component is 6920 million, 650 million is allocated for protective areas initiative, while Rs. 359 million is allocated for wildlife component from 2019-2023.The stationing of staff throughout Gilgit Baltistan for Monitoring and Evaluation of the TBTTP activities is almost completed.

During the Global COVID-19 pandemic, the Forest and Wildlife Departments provided green jobs through green stimulus to 7654 people under Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme. A total plantation target of 10.765 million was achieved and a total of 10.850 plantation target is set for 30th June,2022.