Forest, Wildlife & Environment Department Government of Gilgit-Baltistan

Khunjerab national park or KNP (34*44'N-75*17'E) is located in Hunza district. It was established in 1975. It covers an area of 226,913 hectares. The primary purpose of setting up of this park was to provide protection to the endangered Marco polo sheep, which is only found in this area in Pakistan. The park is also famous for its Snow Leopards.

Map Of Khunjerab National Park, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Dominant Wildlife and Biodiversity

Khunjerab National Park is spread across an area of 2, 27,143 , and at an elevation of 17,000 ft within the Karakorum-West Tibetan biodiversity region, amidst the Karakorum Range Mountains on Pakistan-China border in Upper Hunza. The National Park is home to alpine flora along with many endangered and threatened species and boasts to be the 3rd largest national park in Pakistan. Wildlife includes, Snow leopard (Threatened), Marco polo Sheep (Endangered), Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep, Siberian Ibex, Brown Bear (Threatened), Blue Sheep (Vulnerable).66 Species of birds found: Golden Eagle, Himalayan Snowcock, Himalayan Griffon vulture (Near Threatened).

Dominant Fauna


Tibetan wolf
Himalayan ibex
Tibetan red fox
Golden marmots
Himalayan Brown Bear
Snow Leopard
Stone Martin
Marco Polo Sheep
Cape Hare


Lammegier vulture
Golden Eagle
Himalayan griffon vulture
Eurasian black vulture
Marsh harrier
Eurasian sparrow hawk
Eurasian kestrel
Lesser kestrel
Saker falcon
Peregrine falcon
Himalayan Snow cock

Snow partridge
Grey heron
Common sandpiper
Hill pigeon
Snow pigeon
Northern eagle owl
Eurasian cuckoo
Common swallow
Alpine cough

Dominant Flora


Artemisia spp
Juniperus excelsa
Rosa webbiana
Myricaria germanica
Hippophae rhamnoides
Populus nepalensis
Salix spp
Betula utilis

Vegetation Zones

Dry alpine scrub
Moist alpine pastures
Dry alpine plateau pastures
Sub alpine scrub
birch forests

Major Landmarks / Peaks / Lakes

Jaisam lake

Khunjerab top

Chafchingol peak

Koksil peak

Potential Activities for tourists/visitors

Hiking and trekking

Wildlife sighting



Landscape Photography